Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Immersion assembly Term 4

Today the whole school went to the hall for immersion assembly. The two performances I liked the best were the worms and NZ’s next top little critters. The topic this term is Little critters, my favourite item was the worms (miss Tito & Mrs Nua) because theirs is short and funny, I liked Nz’ next top little critters because they had good expression.

The worms were funny because their big eyes, and because they slithered all over the stage. They were wearing sleeping bags over their heads. Miss Lavakula looked cool with her costume on. Everything was interesting.

The mosquito, was scary for some people. Immersion assembly is fun. I also liked it when Miss Wild screeched, it was funny. The bee Colony was funny because of the babies. When it was finished I wanted t stay. By Teresa