Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capture the Flag

On Friday Morning Miss King invited Room 15 to play Capture the Flag. Before we played Miss King Precisely explained the rules then she divided us into Teams. Next we went out side and played. After she set the cones out she said To Room 14 "Go and hop in a line on this side and room 15 go and hop in a line on that side." When we hoped in a line Miss King said ''Go'' and everyone sprinted off like a herd of stampeding animals trying to get the flag. When everyone ran after the flag Shoal, Kobe, Ashleigh and Rita guarded the flag so room 14 would not be able to get it. After a while Logan ran and got the flag. As Logan got the flag Ramona and Mary turned the other way so most of Room 15 got into the circle.
I got tagged so I had to wait for some to rescue me. After I gratefully got rescued by Mary from our class I ran in the circle and said to Logan, "Give me the flag because they won't know I'll have it."
When Logan gave me the flag I ran but I got tugged. After that Mary got the flag off me and gave it to someone else in my team. She gave it to Logan again. Whenshe got the flag he ran back to the safe zone and got us a point.
At the end Miss King and Miss Wood added up the points. Miss King said "Room 15 won."
Every one in Room 14 said, "Good playing Room 15," and we said it back to them.
When the game finished everyone got exhausted and sweaty. We are looking forward to playing again.

My Holiday at Taupo Bay

On Saturday morning my sisters and I went to the beach fro a swim and a picnic.
When we got to the beach my sisters went for a swim while I lay out on the picnic mat. After I while I went for a swim with my sisters.
When I hopped in the water my sister said, "Come out where it's deep." So I started to go out deep. But before I could get out deep a wave washed me back in so I had to swim out to where se was. When I got to her I was tired. "I'm going back because the waves are too rough," I said.
As I went back to the picnic mat I saw a shark. As soon as I saw it I ran and screamed. My sister Michelle said, "What's wrong?"
I screamed back at her, " There's a shark!!" My sister ran and screamed too. When my sister saw the shark she said, "Run, run. Get away from it". So I ran.
When my sister Michelle and I went back to the picnic mat, the sharks went away. So my sister said, "Come on Teresa let's go back home."
So we went home and played a game of soccer, hit and roll, cricket, pool, Rummikub, Whoonu and Skip Bo.