Friday, May 14, 2010

Soccer - One Big Game!

One day Eru and us three girls got dresed and went downstairs to play soccer. we started of by practicing our soccer. We started off by practicing our kicking, we kicked the ball for about 5 or 10 minutes. Once we had finished our kicking I got to pick who was on my team. Eru thought I would pick him but he was mistaken. I picked Michelle. He said "come on Leslie, we're going to beat them".

We had picked out team and we were ready to play. Eru and Leslie scored the first goal, the goals weren't even so we made it that they had to touch the pole. Out of me and Michelle, I was the only one to score the goal. After that I was ready to get another goal. Michelle said "Teri, Teri, I'm on your team, Ow! I hurt my hip". We laughed and so did she. Eru tripped up so Michelle said "Teri, get a goal" but I was too slow. Eru got up and blocked me, Leslie was pretty good and we had fun. At the end we were tired and thirsty so we went back upstairs. It was hot.

I Y soccer!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Charlotte's Web

Book review: Charlotte's Web
Author: E.B. White

This book is about a little pig called Wilbur. One night there was a pig who had babies. Wilbur was the youngest baby piglet. Fern was a little girl. Her brother was called Avery. Fern asked where her father is. Her mother said "in the farm yard". She ran out to her father and he had an axe. She tried to stop him from trying to kill the pig. At last he gave the pig to Fern. Avery said to his parents "Why don't I get a pig, well, sweet heart, the pig's a bit too big". Avery was sad. One day Fern went for a walk with her pram, Wilbur followed on. Whenever he was tired, Fern will pick him up and put him in the pram next to the doll. When Wilbur was old enough, Fern's parents said to Fern that she needs to sell the pig. They charged her uncle for $6.00. She gave the pig to her uncle and he gave her the $6.00. Each day Fern went to visit him. They were both sad. The End.

I give this book a mark of 9 out of 10.

Tour of Washington DC

Hi room15 for the first two days of May my sisters and I went on a bus tour aroundWashington D.c we started of at union station and then hopped on the bus. We saw heaps of cool monuments of world war II and the old presidents like Thomas Jefferson and more. After looking at the monuments we went to the cemetery, there were 350,000 soldiers that had died. Once we had looked around the cemetery we went to the White house it is a 6 story really big house. But before we went to the White house we went to the White house visitors centre where there are pictures of Michelle Obama and her kids on a swing set. Did you now that Michelle Obama is the first lady, how cool. What have you guys been learning about, I am learning about the planets. Hope you write back.From Teresa