Thursday, July 8, 2010

Karate kid and Six flags

Hi room15

On Friday my sisters and I went to Six Flags. It was fun, first we went and did some rides then went to the water park. One of the rides I went on made me scream and Michelle said be quiet but I couln't because it was too scary, the ride was called Batwing. At the water park I went on every slide.

On the 5th of July I went and saw the new karate kid with Jaden Smith in it, my favourite part was the ending how he won a trophy in a tournament. The part I didn't like was these Chinese boys beating him up, they were stronger than him at first but then Jaden was stronger than them after. At the very ending he was really strong and went to tournaments where he fought all the Chinese boys and won. Jackie Chan taught him everything that's why he was so good.
A funny part was when he was flying to China on a plane and there was a man across from him. Jaden's mum told him to say in Chinese Ni hao, Ni hao ma, Ni jiao shenme which means, hello how are you what is your name, and the man said dude I'm from Detroite. Everyone laughed.
Hope everyone is having a fun holiday. BYE

Teresa xxx