Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross country

Today when the bell rang everyone started walking to the court for cross country. As I waited my mind thought I would not do well. Suddenly Mr Burt called us over, I was nervous. Then Mr Burt clapped the clappers and all the girls sprinted off very fast. I was in the lead but then Dante sprinted in front of me. Half way so I slowed down a bit. I had a very bad stitch but when I reached Helen (tall one) she said, “Go”Teresa.

As I ran around the cones I heard people cheering, then I saw my parents , they were telling me to run fast. I had a sore foot but I said to myself "champions never give up". I was coming second and the race was almost over. I bet some boys and they started 2 minutes before me.

At the end I was very very exhausted. I really needed a drink because my mouth was dry. My sister Leslie came fourth. My best friend Litia came second as well. Everyone was very very tired. Everyone is ready for the finals next Wednesday.

Go Takitimu!!!